a sunny summer path along a trail in the woodsAs a Career Counsellor, you’d never guess how diverse and convoluted my career journey has been so far! I’ve been a factory worker, civil servant, computer programmer, self-employed potter, career services professional and psychotherapist in addition to my current role as career counsellor at UTM. My road’s been exciting and full of trial and error but each career adventure brought inspiring new insights about myself, other people and the world of work. Students tell me its reassuring to hear people tend to have to have many careers in a lifetime, and that you can try new things and change your mind too!

Although the experimental, “go with the flow” approach worked for me, I also had bouts of frustration; if a career was fun and interesting in one way, it was unfulfilling in another. So, I took a sabbatical from work to figure it out! Ready for a more intentional approach to my career, I came up with the answer after six months of self-reflection and research. That was 15 years ago and the results are in – becoming a Career Counsellor was a great choice that still fits me today!  I feel finally at home in my career and it was taking a step back to appreciate the big picture and understand myself that led me to my find my ideal career fit. Helping others to do the same is incredibly rewarding to me!

I’m a great believer in the power of taking time to work on career development as an intentional activity, especially knowing what drives and rewards you. At the same time, I still embrace the idea of going with your instincts, taking risks and trying new things, meeting new people and seeing where it all might lead.  I’m also a great believer in listening to your frustrations. Being unhappy about a situation is a great teacher – it can tell you what’s really important to you, what would be more satisfying and what is needed next to get there.

Ready to start or continue your career journey with a leap of faith? Perhaps you want to make some plans before you take your next step? A bit of both approaches can work like a charm! Let’s chat and find out more about you and where you’re headed. I’d like to help you get on your way – in your own way!

Malou Twynam

Career Counsellor