baby hand in the palm of a parent's handI never dreamt of a certain career path growing up. I never dreamt of becoming a doctor, or a lawyer, or an accountant. I actually only dreamt of having a stable job, doing something that I enjoyed and was proud of, so that I could come home and enjoy the experiences of being a best friend, a husband, a father, and a role model. That was my dream, and I’m happy to say, that dream has come true!

My journey to get to the job I currently enjoy didn’t have an exact path and it actually only started about seven or eight years ago. At the time I had just graduated from U of T, with a double major in (take a deep breath) Communication, Culture and Information Technology (CCIT) and Professional Writing Communications (PWC), in addition to getting a digital communications certificate from the Sheridan Institute for Technology and Advanced Learning, and certificates in E-business and Web Marketing through the U of T School of Continuing Studies.

Although I was able to find work right out of school, I wasn’t sure where it was heading. Making money to pay bills and splurge on the odd electronic gadget was great but, it just happened that one day I woke up and realized I no longer wanted to be in the job I was in. It was pretty simple actually. I Just asked myself:

“Do you like the job you’re doing? List why and why not.”

“What do you enjoy doing?”

To answer the latter question I decided to take an interesting approach and looked at my past, in order to guide my future. I thought back to moments in life where I felt happy. Moments when I felt fulfilled. Moments when I was proud of my accomplishments and got lost in something I truly loved. A few examples: I was really happy in situations where I was able to be creative and think outside the box. I was really proud of being founder and past president for what was at the time “CCIT Club” now “ICCIT Council” and being published in two editions of a textbook for PWC. I was really happy when I was able to use technology. I was really happy being able to discover/market/advertise products and services (example: marketing ice-cube trays as a stackable paint storage system).

I basically made a “value list” – things that I value in life. I worked hard at my core jobs so that I could volunteer for other jobs, to gain the experience I needed, utilized my virtual tool belt of skills learned though various means, and enjoyed my journey.

My name is Doug. I’m the Career Development Officer, Marketing, Communications and Media at the UTM Career Centre and I’d love to hear your about your journey.