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Success what people think it looks like vs what it really looks like.

Not unlike most UTM Career Centre staff, my career trajectory has not been a linear one, rather, one peppered with twists and turns along the way. I have learned through experience that the road to success is not usually straightforward but winding and meandering, with some pleasant surprises and plenty of self-learning.

In the beginning …

My career journey started out at the St. George Career Centre where I volunteered as a career assistant as an undergrad.   I helped out at the front desk answering student inquiries; in the library assisting students with their research; as well as arranging appointments in the career centre. I didn’t realize until much later on (my 3rd year) that my interaction with students would shape my career goal as a counsellor.

Once I discovered my calling, I mapped out my academic plan which included grad school. I spent an entire summer plus an extra year to take required courses. While I felt like a late bloomer relative to my friends who graduated in 4 years and moved on, I stayed focused on my career goal with excitement and resolve.

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After I graduated, I spent my career in the employment services field in different organizations, in a variety of roles including: employment counselor, trainer, program coordinator, grant writer and project manager. While the roles and organizations changed (as I seized opportunities to learn and do more), I remained true to my core work values: helping others and making a difference.

If I strayed too far from my values mindset, my satisfaction and career mojo waned radically. Hitting a proverbial plateau was my cue to set my sights elsewhere. And so I did until I found the next right fit.

Fast forward to the present
Through my own self exploration, I have learned that love and skill can work together.

I crayon drawn red heart on white papermy role as a UTM Career Counsellor. It’s a privilege to help students discover their career motivators and celebrate in their excitement of pursuing their dreams.

Everyone deserves to be happy in their career, including You.

** What is your dream career?  What’s in the way of living out your dream?**

The Career Centre shares a commitment to student success. Let us help you identify your career aspirations and move forward.

Daniela Cristini    Career Counsellor, UTM Career Centre