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April 2016



  • Are you curious about a specific profession or field of work?
  • Want to meet and learn from professionals working in that area?

If you answered Yes, then Extern is for you.



Extern is a job shadowing program where participants explore a career by visiting with professionals in the workplace.  Participants meet with their host (UofT alumni), observe daily work activities (anywhere from 1-5 days), tour a number of departments or meet with staff to discuss the industry and learn about the workplace culture.  This exposure will help you with your own career decisions.




“Extern gave me insight on the career I wanted to explore as I was unsure as to what career I wanted to pursue.”

“I had a wonderful time and I learned a lot”.

“Signing up for Extern was one of the best decisions I have made so far during my undergraduate journey.”


HOW DO I GET INVOLVED?    Extern is just a click away!

Read up on Extern and sign up through CLN

 (on your dashboard – select Programs – Extern – then follow the steps). 


One more reason to get involvedDaniela-calout

EXTERN will be recognized on your Co-Curricular Record (CCR).

Read up on the CCR here


Daniela Cristini,

Career Counsellor


A Glimpse of My Experiences as a Research Assistant

RA-pictureWorking as a Research Assistant for UTM’s Career Centre has been one of the greatest highlights of my university life. My two years in this role have equipped me with extremely valuable experiences and memories.

I can ramble on about the analytical, time management, communication, and organizational skills I have gained at the Career Centre but I won’t.  The openness and motivation of all staff members is something I’ll always cherish. However, despite all these wonderful aspects, the most valuable part of this job has been the memorable teams I’ve worked with and the confidence I’ve gained in myself.

I started the position very unsure of how well I’d do. For the first few months, I became well known by other Research Assistants for running into odd problems. They found my short-lived moments of panic, followed by a series of epiphanies, amusing. My own resilience surprised me. Before this role, I was unaware of my strong ability to problem solve, and I’m surprised with how well I’ve become at tackling new challenges.

I’ve also discovered that it’s nearly impossible to have learned absolutely everything in any role. Just when I think I’ve perfected being a Career Centre Research Assistant, I come across something new. Either it’s a new feature added to the online database we use, or new insights from the other Research Assistants that motivate me to learn something new.

I’ve found it helpful to step back and explore the intrinsic value in everything I do in order to excel in any role. I regularly catch myself encouraging other UTM students to get involved on campus in order to make their university experience memorable. I can’t wait to take everything I’ve learned as a Research Assistant in all my future endeavors.

Memoona Irshad
Research Assistant, Career Centre

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