The winter term is over and summer just around the corner. Before you move on to summer jobs, travelling or taking more courses, why not take some time to think about your career, what you’ve been doing and what you want to do next. If you are stuck or confused about career direction, here are four words that can help you work on your career goals.

Assess: what do you like about your studies, your job(s), volunteer or extra-curricular activities? What don’t you like? What places or activities bring out the “best you”, where you feel the best fit?

Explore: what career area are you curious about? What skills do you want to try out or further develop? Even if you don’t know what career an activity might lead to, check it out anyway if it sounds interesting to you.

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Reflect: what activities have you engaged in this year that might help you with your career? Consider everything you’ve done e.g. paid, unpaid, volunteer, extra-curriculars, etc. Anything you do can help you learn more about yourself and what kinds of work might best suit you.

Action: keep moving on your career goals! Every small step helps you get closer to where you want to go, so try to include them as you plan out your next year. This idea applies whether you are just finished up first year or are now set to graduate; you’ll be doing this throughout your working life.

At any of these points, remember the Career Centre is here to help you (while you are a student and for two years after you graduate). If you are feeling stuck, not sure what you are supposed to do next or need to bounce ideas off someone, drop by or call to make an appointment with a career counsellor. Check our Events Calendar to see what you can attend. Or just come and ask us for some help; that’s what we are here for.


Felicity Morgan

Director, Career Centre