At some point while studying at UTM someone is going to ask you ‘So what are you going to do with (insert your area of study here) when you graduate?’ You plan to visit the Career Centre, but with classes and everything else you don’t have time. The Career Centre website is always open so it’s easy to fit checking it out into your schedule.  The amount of information on the website can feel overwhelming so here are some highlights that will help break things down for you and, hopefully, help you to figure out the answer to that dreaded question.

Careers by Major  can be a starting point for generating ideas for potential career areas. The skills section can be used to help you identify the skills you need to develop. Or the skills section may confirm how the skills you are gaining in your summer / part-time / work-study or volunteer job will be beneficial when applying to that job when you graduate.

Career Planning by Year  suggests a couple of things you could be doing  each year while you’re at UTM to build skills and putting together a career plan for when you graduate

Building your skills may require you to submit a resume to apply to a job. The resume resources on our site are quite extensive. Start by clicking  the Resume Resources link our home page. The Resume and Cover letter Toolkit with its samples from the first draft of resume through to an improved version shows you what you can include on your resume the goes beyond just a list of jobs and duties. Read the marketing strategy section to learn how the resume is one of your marketing tools and how it fits into your plan for finding work.

We continue to review and add to our website. Right now we are working to make it more interactive by adding information about creating a powerful LinkedIn profile, some short videos and quick 2 minute activities that you could do to gradually move you forward with your plan. So when SOMEONE  asks “what you are going to do after your graduate” you not only have an answer but you are working on a plan.
Cathy- Ann Cope

E- Learning Specialist