ron image.pngDid you ever notice that many people claim to know how you should approach your job search? Many of these “experts” provide contradictory and negative information. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the job search information out there.

While those providing the advice are well-meaning, how do you decide which advice to take without being overwhelmed? Here are a few tips.

Listen to Positive People

While job search is challenging, it’s important to stay positive. Rather than spending energy on why something is not possible or difficult, listen to people who have ideas that can help and avoid the naysayers. If someone consistently tells you why something is difficult (or impossible), it will be difficult for them to provide you with information you can actually use.

Consider the Source

There are many sources of information. Before following the advice, think about who is giving the advice. Are they knowledgeable in the career or industry to which you have an interest? Beware of information framed as “everyone should” as each industry and situation is different. Focus on tips such as “based on my experience, recruiters in industry _____ have stated a preference for.. .”

Rely on Your Own Research

You are the expert on you. One of the best ways to research information is to conduct information interviews with individuals in your area of interest. This way, you can focus on the issues that are of greatest interest to you. Ask the individual specific questions related to your situation.

Filter the Advice

It is impossible to follow every piece of advice. Think about which suggestions that you can follow today and in the near future based on the relative value of the information. Remember, advice is a gift. You can choose to use as much or as little as you want.

Brainstorm With Someone You Trust

Once you have reviewed all of the advice, talk about your situation with someone you trust. This can be a mentor, a trusted friend or a career counsellor/employment advisor. This will help you put together a plan based on your individual situation.

Smart Job Hunt for Graduating Students

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Ron Wener

Employment Advisor