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March 2016

Four Career Words to Live by: Assess, Explore, Reflect, Action

The winter term is over and summer just around the corner. Before you move on to summer jobs, travelling or taking more courses, why not take some time to think about your career, what you’ve been doing and what you want to do next. If you are stuck or confused about career direction, here are four words that can help you work on your career goals.

Assess: what do you like about your studies, your job(s), volunteer or extra-curricular activities? What don’t you like? What places or activities bring out the “best you”, where you feel the best fit?

Explore: what career area are you curious about? What skills do you want to try out or further develop? Even if you don’t know what career an activity might lead to, check it out anyway if it sounds interesting to you.

Felicity1                         Felicity2

Reflect: what activities have you engaged in this year that might help you with your career? Consider everything you’ve done e.g. paid, unpaid, volunteer, extra-curriculars, etc. Anything you do can help you learn more about yourself and what kinds of work might best suit you.

Action: keep moving on your career goals! Every small step helps you get closer to where you want to go, so try to include them as you plan out your next year. This idea applies whether you are just finished up first year or are now set to graduate; you’ll be doing this throughout your working life.

At any of these points, remember the Career Centre is here to help you (while you are a student and for two years after you graduate). If you are feeling stuck, not sure what you are supposed to do next or need to bounce ideas off someone, drop by or call to make an appointment with a career counsellor. Check our Events Calendar to see what you can attend. Or just come and ask us for some help; that’s what we are here for.


Felicity Morgan

Director, Career Centre




At some point while studying at UTM someone is going to ask you ‘So what are you going to do with (insert your area of study here) when you graduate?’ You plan to visit the Career Centre, but with classes and everything else you don’t have time. The Career Centre website is always open so it’s easy to fit checking it out into your schedule.  The amount of information on the website can feel overwhelming so here are some highlights that will help break things down for you and, hopefully, help you to figure out the answer to that dreaded question.

Careers by Major  can be a starting point for generating ideas for potential career areas. The skills section can be used to help you identify the skills you need to develop. Or the skills section may confirm how the skills you are gaining in your summer / part-time / work-study or volunteer job will be beneficial when applying to that job when you graduate.

Career Planning by Year  suggests a couple of things you could be doing  each year while you’re at UTM to build skills and putting together a career plan for when you graduate

Building your skills may require you to submit a resume to apply to a job. The resume resources on our site are quite extensive. Start by clicking  the Resume Resources link our home page. The Resume and Cover letter Toolkit with its samples from the first draft of resume through to an improved version shows you what you can include on your resume the goes beyond just a list of jobs and duties. Read the marketing strategy section to learn how the resume is one of your marketing tools and how it fits into your plan for finding work.

We continue to review and add to our website. Right now we are working to make it more interactive by adding information about creating a powerful LinkedIn profile, some short videos and quick 2 minute activities that you could do to gradually move you forward with your plan. So when SOMEONE  asks “what you are going to do after your graduate” you not only have an answer but you are working on a plan.
Cathy- Ann Cope

E- Learning Specialist



Avoiding the “Noise” of Job Search Advice

ron image.pngDid you ever notice that many people claim to know how you should approach your job search? Many of these “experts” provide contradictory and negative information. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the job search information out there.

While those providing the advice are well-meaning, how do you decide which advice to take without being overwhelmed? Here are a few tips.

Listen to Positive People

While job search is challenging, it’s important to stay positive. Rather than spending energy on why something is not possible or difficult, listen to people who have ideas that can help and avoid the naysayers. If someone consistently tells you why something is difficult (or impossible), it will be difficult for them to provide you with information you can actually use.

Consider the Source

There are many sources of information. Before following the advice, think about who is giving the advice. Are they knowledgeable in the career or industry to which you have an interest? Beware of information framed as “everyone should” as each industry and situation is different. Focus on tips such as “based on my experience, recruiters in industry _____ have stated a preference for.. .”

Rely on Your Own Research

You are the expert on you. One of the best ways to research information is to conduct information interviews with individuals in your area of interest. This way, you can focus on the issues that are of greatest interest to you. Ask the individual specific questions related to your situation.

Filter the Advice

It is impossible to follow every piece of advice. Think about which suggestions that you can follow today and in the near future based on the relative value of the information. Remember, advice is a gift. You can choose to use as much or as little as you want.

Brainstorm With Someone You Trust

Once you have reviewed all of the advice, talk about your situation with someone you trust. This can be a mentor, a trusted friend or a career counsellor/employment advisor. This will help you put together a plan based on your individual situation.

Smart Job Hunt for Graduating Students

The Career Centre is hosting our annual Smart Job Hunt event for graduating students on April 26 and 27. Join us to learn pro-active job search strategies, meet other graduating students and get advice from employers and alumni to help you with your next steps. Please register on the CLN

Still Not Sure What to Do?

Please visit us in the Career Centre. We’re here to help!


Ron Wener

Employment Advisor

Careers in Human Resources

jelena image

Back by popular demand – Careers in Human Resources Panel discussion March 9, 2016!

Organizations depend on human resources department’s to function. The HR department is responsible for talent recruitment and retention, payroll functions, organizational effectiveness, equity and employment law, and total rewards and benefits. Many people find themselves interested in a career in HR because it’s so versatile. For instance, if you are interested in human psychology you can explore the organizational effectiveness stream where you will work to implement strategies that will motivate employees to bring their best performance forward. If you are passionate about statistics and finance, then you may enjoy payroll administration and total rewards. Talent recruitment and retention is great for people who…like people! This stream of HR allows you to connect with people and bring on board employees that will help benefit the bottom line of the organization. This is a very rewarding role. So as you can see, HR has something for everyone and the HR panel on March 9 is a great opportunity to learn more! Many of the skills you are gaining while in school (such as analytical and numerical skills, writing, communication, and interpersonal skills) will be a great asset in HR careers. On top of all that, it is very versatile because HR professionals are found  in all industries. Whether it is government or high tech, HR professionals are there!

Don’t miss out on this  unique opportunity to talk directly with HR professionals!

Mark this date in your calendar, March 9, 5-7pm and plan to attend!


Monica Scott

Outreach Consultant


Jelena Vulic

Coordinator, Events and Employment Services


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