Do you feel unfulfilled from full-time academics?  Are you in debt? Worried about your sparse looking resume?

If I had been asked these questions during my first three years of university, I would’ve answered a booming YES across the board!  Luckily, near the end of my third year of studies, I secured a position as a Career Assistant at the UTM Career Centre.  At the time, I was really only doing it to remedy the challenges above.  I wanted to become engaged outside of the classroom, pay off some bills, and fill out my resume.  In essence, I thought a part-time job would help and an on-campus one seemed easiest.  What I didn’t count on though, was just how life-changing my new part-job would be.  Working at the Career Centre helped me learn a lot about professional development.  I was able to make great connections (yay networking!), have easy access to great career-related books, and have an excuse to attend counselling sessions that I didn’t even realize I needed.    Plus, helping other students made me feel so personally fulfilled that my whole university experience finally came to life.  It even emboldened my choice to go into the field of counselling myself; and now, five years later (with a recent Master’s Degree in hand), I’ve begun working as a Career Counsellor at the Centre.  Who knew what a part-time job on campus could lead to down the road?!

If you’re thinking about gaining experience, getting involved, paying off some bills, or trying something new, I’d strongly suggest that you consider working at the Career Centre.  There are different positions available based on your interests and personalities; so all are welcome to apply! You can find out more information by checking out the postings on the Career Learning Network.  If something catches your interest, don’t hesitate – apply!


Kayla Sousa

Career Counsellor