Experiential learning is learning through experience and then reflecting on that experience. Reflection is key as it helps a person gain perspective into their likes and dislikes.

So, why is experiential learning important when it comes to career exploration? It is important because it allows students to participate in an activity that will help them learn about what careers align with their passions, strengths and values.

I am a big advocate of experiential learning. I think that university can be an overwhelming experience because there are so many options. Options everywhere! For everything! Even deciding where to eat lunch requires a “pros and cons” list. So, how is a student supposed to know what they want to do for the rest of their life? Am I right? This is why experiential learning is so great! It helps students experience first-hand things that are of interest to them and decide if they actually like it or not.

The Career Centre is a great resource for experiential learning. Our Career Exploration programs are carefully designed to provide a meaningful learning experience. Our In the Field program takes students on site to various organizations where they can learn about the day-to-day operations of individuals working in various departments. How cool is that? Very cool, if I may say so myself (and not only because I help organized them).

In the month of March, we will be hosting two In the Field sessions to CAMH and Peel Regional Police. Students will get to tour the organizations and spend the day with yours truly! If you haven’t had the opportunity to sign up for these fun filled days of learning, please check CLN because spots are limited.

These types of opportunities are so valuable and often times underutilized. I highly recommend that all students do some further research on experiential learning and how it can benefit your personal career exploration.

As always, I encourage students to contact me with questions! I’d be happy to chat with you about various Career Centre initiatives and how they can help you.

Happy Learning!