One of the things that inspires me the most is an “underdog” success story. I love to hear about people who manage to succeed when the odds are against them, and when others have told them that they were crazy and could not achieve their dreams. It takes real courage, determination and belief in yourself and your dreams to succeed under such circumstances.

Little story of a man named Honda…

In 1938 Mr. Honda was a broke student who had only one dream. To design a piston ring that he would sell to Toyota. He would go to school and then work at his idea at night, covered up to his elbows in grease. After years of spending time, effort and money when he thought it was perfect, he took it to Toyota and they rejected it. He was ridiculed by friends, teachers and family for designing such a stupid gadget that nobody would want. Instead of giving up, he spent another 2 years making the design even better and then Toyota finally bought it. Over the years, Mr. Honda suffered many setbacks including his factory being bombed in World War II, and at another time an earthquake leveling his factory. Mr. Honda’s perseverance and hard work is what finally paid off as he created the Honda motor. Today, the Honda Corporation is one of the most successful in the world and outsells every car in America except Toyota.

Little story of a man named Disney

Walt Disney, according to his editor, lacked imagination and had no good ideas. As a young man, Disney went on to file for bankruptcy protection several times and overcame numerous obstacles while creating the Disney empire beloved by children and adults today. When he was seeking funding for Disneyland in Anaheim, California, it’s said that Disney was turned down by 302 bankers before he got the funding he needed.

There are countless other success stories like the ones of Steve Jobs of Apple Corporation, Bill Gates of Microsoft Corporation and even singing group One Direction whose members each got voted off of X-Factor, but Simon Cowell saw something in each of them and put them together in the group which is hugely successful today.

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Sasha Thornhill, Career Services Representative.