close up of someone reading a book with text: "Reading a good book is like taking a journey"

My inspiration often comes from words and books.  Don’t get me wrong, I like to binge watch Netflix as much as the next person (Orange is the New Black anyone?), but I’d much rather get lost in a good book.  In fact, I get so lost in stories that I often find myself laughing out loud or shedding a few tears as I read.  And once I finish an exceptionally good book, I find it incredibly hard to start another because of how connected I still feel to the thoughts and emotions that were evoked from the words of the first.

But, books aren’t the only way that words inspire me. I’m also a sucker for emotional one-liners found on various websites like Pinterest.  There is nothing like reading something and being able to immediately recognize yourself in the words.  One of my favorite poems is Desiderata by Max Erdmann and it sums up a lot about how I feel about life in general.   I actually have a copy pinned to my bulletin board in my office at work.  Whenever I have a tough day, I read the words and instantly feel calmer.  I can’t explain it – it speaks to me.

And on that note of words being powerful, it’s important to remember that they’re just as useful for your job search as well. I don’t just mean the words you choose to use in your resume and cover letter, but the ones you soak up when you need some motivation. Let’s face it, job searching is challenging and perhaps frustrating at times. But it’s important to step back and find something that helps you put things in perspective to keep you going.

Are there a few choice meaningful words taped to your refrigerator at home? Words can be a powerful source of inspiration – and best of all, they’re meant to be shared so feel free to pass along what keeps you inspired!  We have an awesome resource in the e-book collection found on the Career Centre’s website under the Career Planning tab called Take Charge of Your Career! : 365 Tips, Tricks, and Techniques to Achieve Happiness at Work and in LifeYou may find a few choice words to keep you motivated during your job search!

Alana James, Employment Advisor and Lover of Words!