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I love hearing  stories about the 86 year old marathon runner , the family that travelled the world on their boat or the law student who gave it all up to join the Cirque de Soleil.   I’ve often wondered where the inspiration came from that led these seemingly ordinary people to take on extraordinary  adventures.

There was a recent New York Times piece entitled, “Where does inspiration come from?”
In it, the writer discovered that the genesis of inspiration and creativity isn’t as enigmatic as we once thought. It involves three stages:

Step 1: Work.  Step 2: Be frustrated.  Step 3: Repeat.

Artists and creators were interviewed and the only common ingredient among all of them is this: Try again repeatedly.

Action can be a great restorer and builder of confidence. Yet many people prefer to play it safe and remain in their comfort zone. If they do decide to take a shot at something; they give up at the first hiccup . What’s that all about?  Sure it’s scary but the opportunity to grow and learn something new is the pay off.   We can’t all be the long distance runner or join the circus but we can try to push the boundaries a bit.   Take a new new course, join a club, register for the Extern program to job shadow someone for a few days or attend an industry panel  event on campus.   Check out   CLN  to see if there are any events that might be of interest to you and then register for it.  It’s the small action that can lead to unimagined possibilities.

In my previous career in television, I had a chance to interview a multitude of people from politicians, artists to celebrities and whenever I posed the question….”Did you ever feel fear when following your dreams.”  They all responded with a resounding  ‘Yes! ‘ It seems that the only thing that separates the dreamers from the doers is that the latter feel the fear and do it anyway and then keep trying.

So, you see. You don’t lack the essential ingredients to make an amazingly creative and inspiring life. All you need to do is keep trying….you’ll get there. Let me know what happened when you took the plunge, faced the fear and did it anyway.  Here’s the article:

Peggy Shkuda, Career Counsellor