image of cartoon characters colored inConsider this post to be one GIANT shout-out to all of you wonderful folks who made our Career Centre Carnival a huge success!  Since we had so many great questions from those who came, we decided to answer them here.

How can I find a part-time/volunteer opportunity? Do people hire 1st year students on campus?

  • The Get Experience Fair on September 23 is a great place to start looking for experiences to build your skills. To see the list of organizations attending, visit the Fairs page on the Career Centre website.
  • Also, be sure to check out the Part-time work/study jobs listed on the Career Learning Network. For more information about on-campus positions, visit the on campus opportunities page on the Career Centre website.

When Does Extern Start?

  • The Extern Job Shadowing Program is definitely a great way to connect with professionals in a related field of your choice.
  • It runs three times a year (Reading Week, once in May, and once again during the summer).
  • For more information on the exact dates as well as info about the program, click here.

Are we supposed to make various types of resumes?

  • Good question. The short answer is YES! If there’s any takeaway you receive about your resume, let this be it: tailoring is key!
  • To see some helpful tips about how to make your resume pop effectively, visit the online Resume & Cover Letter Resources.
  • Also, be sure to sign up for a resume or cover letter critique through the Career Learning Network; students and recent grads are eligible to have 3 per term with a hardcopy handy.

How do you apply for a job you are underqualified for?

  • This one is a bit tricky; be sure to research the requirements early and start gaining experience so you can become qualified.
  • Have information interviews, network, and volunteer so you can slowly build your resume.
  • And remember: if you meet most of the criteria on a given job posting – apply, apply, apply! Many employers are willing to provide training so highlight what you have to offer rather than what still needs developing.Stay tuned for

Monica Scott, Outreach Consultant

Kayla Sousa, Assistant Outreach Consultant