Jimmi is the UTM Career Centre’s mascot and ambassador. You’ll see Jimmi pop up from time to time in posters, digital signage and, on special occasions, in his corrugated entirety to help promote UTM Career Centre events and services. When you see Jimmi around campus, be sure to note that it is your opportunity to get involved and get engaged in self-rewarding co-curricular activities.

Speaking of getting involved and getting engaged, the number one message I try to leave with students wherever I am is to get involved.  Opportunities are everywhere, and in order to be competitive you need to find a way to stand out.  How do you do that?  It’s your commitment and willingness to get involved!  That does not mean you have to go out and start your own club, or do something that makes you feel uneasy, but if you need help, that’s where the UTM Career Centre and I actually come in.

My role at the UTM Career Centre is to help promote all of the opportunities available from our Centre, through various marketing and communication vehicles. Working closely with Michelle, Jelena and the entire Career Centre team, my job is to encourage  you  to attend events  and workshops  so that you can equip yourself  with the social and/or technical tools you’ll need the next time you feel uneasy or uncomfortable while trying to get experience.

For the shy types, getting involved could start with being active on Social Media. Did you just “like” a Facebook post? You just got involved!  Did you just retweet something to your followers, or post a reply, maybe even ask a thought-provoking question? You just got involved AND engaged! Maybe Social Media is not your cup of tea, but did you just log on and play an online game? Guess what, you got involved! It counts. It all adds up.

Whatever you are passionate about, try to get involved with others that share your passion. As you get more involved you’ll meet others and start to build your network. With a strong level of committed involvement/engagement, your network will keep you top-of-mind and hopefully contact you first when an opportunity opens up.

Are you still timid to take that next step? Feel free to read our staff bios. You might find that you share a common passion, hobby, or feelings of uncertainty that would make for a great conversation ice breaker.  Check out our UTM Career Centre Events Calendar for upcoming sessions, workshops, events, (and FAIRS) and if you fancy, follow @UTMCareerCentre on Twitter and feel free to “like” and comment on our Facebook page, UTM Career Centre.